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Snapchat Announces New Generative AI Elements for Snapchat+ Subscribers

Snapchat has announced some new generative AI additions for Snapchat+, its paid subscription package, which is now up to 7 million paying members, up from 5 million just three months ago.

First off, Snap’s adding a new way to create visuals in the composer, using text prompts to produce AI images.

Snapchat+ updates

As you can see in this example, much like Dall-E or Midjourney, Snap now has its own visual creation process, enabling you to produce creative artworks in-stream.

As per Snap:

“In just a few words, use AI to create and send a Snap of whatever you know will make a friend’s day, even when the perfect scene is out of sight.”

Snap’s also rolling out its own outcropping feature, which uses AI to extend images.

Snapchat+ updates

Finally, Snap’s also giving Snapchat+ subscribers the option to create collaborative AI images via its “Dreams” feature, so you and your friend can include each other in your Dreams creations.

Snapchat+ updates

Dreams is available to all Snapchat users, but non-subscribers only get to create eight free Dreams images, with any subsequent creations costing US99c. Snapchat+ subscribers get a free “pack” of 8 “Dreams” per month, with this new option providing another way to engage with friends in the app.

The new Snapchat+ additions will help to enhance the value of the offering, which can now also be purchased as a Christmas gift via Amazon. The idea, then, is to maximize Snapchat+ take-up over the holiday period, with these new visual updates also acting as expanded advertising material for the package, which has thus far been the most successful of the new social media subscription offerings.

I mean, YouTube Premium has over 50 million subscribers, which far outweighs Snapchat+ in raw numbers, while LinkedIn Premium has 174 million sign-ups. But again, of the newer subscription offerings, including X Premium and Meta Verified, Snapchat+ has been a runaway success, far exceeding the sign-up counts of both, after being available for comparatively similar time.

Snap’s relative success with this largely comes down to the value that Snapchat provides for its users, and the utility, and fun, of its add-on elements. X Premium’s additional features only hold appeal to a limited user cohort, similar to Meta Verified, which is reportedly seeing more sign-ups, but still only appeals to creators looking to maximize their in-app presence.

Snap’s focus is on fun, value-add options, that appeal to its user base. Which is where Snap has always had an advantage, in regards to understanding its target market, and providing tools that enhance its appeal.

And with the holiday season fast approaching, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Snap add a lot more Snapchat+ subscribers before the year is out. And definitely, these new updates will improve its value.

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