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Snapchat Announces Activations for the Super Bowl, Including AR Lenses and Spotlight Prizes

Snapchat has announced some new activations for the Super Bowl, including a range of AR features to help users show their fandom during the big game.

First off, Snap’s got a new Super Bowl prediction Lens, which will enable users to test their forecasting powers around various game outcomes, and see real-time data on how the rest of Snapchat is making their picks.

Snapchat Super Bowl 2024

At the conclusion of the match, Snapchatters will be able to check back in to see how they went, and share those results with their friends.

Which seems like a gateway into sports betting, but it could also be a fun, interactive option for the day.

Snap’s also got its now customary team Lenses, so users can show their support.

Snapchat Super Bowl 2024

While it’s also launched a new “Touchdown Challenge” within its Spotlight short video element.

Snapchat Super Bowl 2024

As per Snap:

“The #TouchdownCelebration Challenge encourages Snapchatters to submit their most epic NFL Super Bowl #TouchdownCelebration for their chance to be featured on the Challenge’s main page and win their share of $20,000 in prize money.”

Definitely, if you want to get a topic trending, offering prize money is a good way to do it, and the activation will undoubtedly see a lot more Spotlight creators looking to get in on the Super Bowl action.

Snap also says that Super Bowl-themed Cameo Stickers will also be available on game day (via Search and in the Sticker drawer), while Snap’s also working with the NFL on a new Camera Kit integration, which will enable the NFL team to utilize Snap Lenses during the broadcast.

“Throughout the game, the NFL will place entertaining and engaging Lenses on attending fans to enhance the in-stadium experience, including custom Vegas Super Bowl-themed helmets and helmets for both the 49ers and Chiefs. In addition, the NFL will have custom Super Bowl experiences available in the official NFL app through Camera Kit, including an all new gamified Super Bowl Lens that features trivia questions about the 49ers and the Chiefs.”

The Super Bowl is a major event for virtually every social media app, and with so many people engaging with the game, social platforms are working to maximize attention, and get more people looking their way in between plays. 

On Snapchat, in particular, it’s a big opportunity. Snap says that, last year, nearly 10 million people watched NFL content in the app for Super Bowl LVII, and Snapchatters in North America engaged with Lenses more than 2 billion times.

The more Snap can stoke those interests, the better, and these activations will no doubt help to make the Super Bowl a bigger focus for its users this weekend.

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