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Snap Is Recalling Its Pixy Drone Devices Due to Fire Risk

Hey, remember when Snapchat released that cool little drone that could fly around you as you walked and take videos for your Snaps, then fold up into a tiny square that fit into your bag?

Snapchat Pixy drone

That seemed pretty cool, right? So it was something of a surprise when Snap stopped production of the device just four months after launch, ostensibly as part of broader cost-cutting measures.

Well, now we’ve found out that there may have been another concern with the Pixy device, with Snap issuing a full recall of the drone due to concerns that the batteries could spark a fire.

The recall specifically relates to the separate rechargeable battery that came with the device.

As per the recall notice on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

Consumers should immediately stop using the Pixy Flying Camera, remove the battery and stop charging it. Consumers should then visit www.pixy.com for instructions on how to participate in the recall, receive a refund of the purchase price, and dispose of the battery in accordance with local and state regulations. The Pixy flying camera and other Pixy accessories are also separately eligible for a refund of the purchase price.”

The recall notice says that Snap has received four reports of the battery overheating and bulging, “resulting in one minor battery fire and one minor injury”.

Those who currently have a Pixy drone can learn more about the process here.

Snap Pixy recall

As reported by The Verge, Snap had sold 71,000 Pixy units before it was discontinued back in 2022, so the recall won’t be widespread. But it’s another headache for Snap, which is already dealing with various cutbacks and business rationalization measures, as a result of the broader downturn in the digital advertising market.

As such, the cost of a recall is something the company definitely doesn’t need.

To be clear, there’s nothing to suggest that Snap was aware of any issues with the Pixy battery when it initially discontinued production, but it will now have to facilitate refunds of any returned devices, while also dealing with compensation in incident cases.

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