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Snap Announces New Partnership With Fospha To Provide More In-Depth Campaign Analytics

Snap has announced a new partnership with digital measurement platform Fospha which will facilitate more advanced tracking of campaign performance in the app.

As per Snap:

[The partnership will] help marketers measure the impact and effectiveness of their Snapchat campaigns, with an emphasis on cross-marketing ROAS. Fospha leverages a combination of Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) and Media Mix Modelling (MMM), to model for the impact of clicks and impressions throughout the full marketing funnel.”

So, essentially, Fospha will provide additional, third-party verification of your Snapchat campaign metrics, along with more in-depth data, based on Fospha’s more advanced tracking tools, to better inform your strategy.

The partnership will help marketers transition away from cookie tracking, and into the next phase of digital attribution, with more privacy-aligned data tools to measure broader performance.

Fospha also recently released a new data report into ad performance, which found that Snapchat has become a key growth channel among its clients. As such, the Fospha team has a solid handle on key growth metrics for Snap campaigns, which it will now be able to apply to new clients.

Fospha will be added to Snap’s partner listing, which now includes more than 70 organizations that can assist with Snap ads strategy.

If you’re looking to maximize your Snap ads, it could be worth taking a look through the list, and seeing if there are any Snap ad partners that specialize in what you need.

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