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Reddit Will Share New Usage Insights for Marketers at CES 2024

With the annual CES conference coming up next month, Reddit has announced its 2024 CES activation, which will see it highlight a range of new insights and usage notes, designed to help marketers make use of Reddit’s highly engaged communities.

Reddit CES 2024

As explained by Reddit:

At CES 2024, discover how search and social features have come together to create a new context for brands – at Reddit. People come to Reddit to find, search for, and share product information with high intent – unlike anywhere else on the internet. Take a tour through specific purchase journeys. See how interest-based communities and real conversation create just the right context for brands to thrive. Discover how to use Reddit ad tools to connect directly to audiences who matter most.”

Reddit’s CES activation will include a range of new usage insights, demonstrating how Reddit helps to foster engaged communities, and how those interests drive higher purchase intent.

Through the lens of a Reddit user, guests will follow an interactive recommendation journey to understand how an initial question, idea or passion can lead to a well-informed, satisfied purchase decision across a range of product categories.”

Reddit will also share new research highlighting these trends, and how Reddit communities power purchase activity.

Indeed, Reddit says 75% of its users are more likely to consider a new brand or product when they see it on Reddit. And with 70 million daily active users, across more than 100,000 communities, that‘s a lot of potential opportunity to reach a broad audience who’ve come to the platform to get new insights.

Reddit’s power in this respect is fairly clear, given that a rising number of people are now adding “Reddit” to their Google searches in order to get more direct feedback and real-world experience notes. Reddit hosts a lot of expert opinions, and a lot of valuable discussion, and with that in mind, it could well be worth paying attention to the latest Reddit stats, and checking out its upcoming CES reports.

We’ll, of course, cover these are they become available, but if you’re heading to CES, it could be worth checking out.  

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