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Reddit Rolls Out Expanded Topic and Audience Matching Options in Ads Manager

Reddit’s rolling out some new updates to its ad targeting options, which are designed to make it easier for marketers to expand their audience reach in the app, including improved topic suggestions, and expanded audiences based on interests, along with some new ad management options.

Reddit’s main update is its expanded targeting measures, with the added capacity to search for communities by topic, as well as suggested communities based on your chosen targeting parameters.

Reddit community targeting

As you can see in these examples, now, Reddit’s ad system will highlight more relevant communities based on your chosen key terms, which will help you expand your targeting to reach more of the right people with your ads.

What’s more, Reddit’s also removing the option for users to opt out of ad targeting based on their in-app activity, so not only will you now have more suggestions to help you reach the right audience, but you’ll also be able to ensure that you maximize your reach, as all users will be included in each relevant subset.

It could be a big update for the holidays, providing greater reach capacity within Reddit’s ad system.

Reddit’s also improved its community descriptions, topic tags, and estimated audience size (based on membership and engagement) within its Ad Manager system, which will providing more context for your targeting.

It’s also adding new ad management tools, including “Campaign lifetime budget”, which will enable advertisers to cap their campaign spend for all ads within that campaign, and inline editing, so that you can edit campaign names, bids, and budgets directly within Ads Manager.

Reddit’s been working to improve its ad tools, and clean up its platform, in order to capitalize on its business potential, with a view to a future IPO. That’s seen the platform make some unpopular decisions, which could have also impacted usage.

But maybe, at the end of this, Reddit will have a more viable, sustainable business, with a firmer foundation to build from, moving forward.

And for advertisers, Reddit’s improved ad system could be worth experimenting with in the upcoming holiday push, to see what results you can get from its improved, expanded targeting.

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