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Reddit Rolls Out Enhanced Ad Targeting Tools, Including Related Keyword Suggestions

Reddit’s adding more refinements to its Contextual Keyword Targeting ad process, with new suggested terms to enhance your reach, along with more interest categories to hone in on audience interest.

The main addition is keyword suggestions, a new listing of AI-recommended topics that are aligned with the keywords you choose for your campaigns.

Reddit keyword suggestions

As you can see in this example, if you were to add in “football” as a targeting term, Reddit’s system will now recommend a range of related topics like “soccer”, “nfl football”, etc. That’ll better enable you to refine and improve your targeting, in order to reach the most relevant users and communities.

The recommendations are based on machine learning, which groups keywords based on their usage in the app.

As explained by Reddit:

“The technology takes the original context of each keyword into consideration so that only those existing in a brand safe and suitable environment are served to advertisers. In practice, this means machine learning is doing the heavy lifting for us, pulling from the Reddit posts and conversations that best match each advertiser’s specific needs. Most importantly, this allows our advertisers to show the most relevant ads to the Reddit users who will be most interested in them.

That could make it much easier to refine your keyword targeting, and ensure you’re reaching the most relevant, and responsive audiences with your Reddit ad campaigns.

On another front, Reddit’s also expanding its interest categories, in order to provide even more options for reaching relevant subreddit communities.

In an effort to open up more of the depth and breadth of Reddit to advertisers, we have more than doubled the number of interests available for targeting, which will in turn give brands more optionality and creativity around their ads targeting strategy on Reddit.

Which makes a lot of sense, given the breadth of subreddit topics on offer. Really, almost any discussion that you can think of is likely happening on Reddit in some form, and if you have specific niche communities that you’re looking to reach, this new expansion will make that much easier, helping to maximize your efforts.

Reddit continues to build out its ad targeting systems, in an effort to capitalize on its market opportunity, and generate more revenue for the app, while it’s also still hoping to launch an IPO at some stage. More recently, Reddit’s faced challenges in implementing new rules designed to maximize its value, including higher price points for API access. That’s exposed some significant risks in Reddit’s business plan, in that it’s largely reliant on volunteer moderators, but Reddit is learning its lessons, and improving, as it works to build stronger foundations.

Improved targeting is another step along this path, and as Reddit continues to evolve, it could be worth considering whether there is indeed value for your business in Reddit ads.

Maybe log in and take a look around, and search for key terms related to your business.

Keyword suggestions and expanded interest targeting are available to all Reddit advertisers from today. 

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