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Reddit Publishes New Playbook for Gaming Advertisers

Reddit has published a new playbook for gaming advertisers, which aims to highlight the unique value of the platform for reaching active gaming communities.

And while Reddit may not be the first social app that springs to mind when considering your outreach, there are some interesting usage and engagement stats, and examples, included in the guide, which could get you thinking.

You can download the full 34-page guide here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

First off, Reddit provides an overview of its unique audience, and value for gaming advertisers.

Reddit Gaming Advertising Handbook

As you can see, Reddit’s unduplicated audience is worthy of note, while it also has highly engaged communities in virtually every gaming fandom.

The guide then provides an overview of Reddit’s full funnel marketing approach.

Reddit Gaming Advertising Handbook

Along with examples and explainers of the various Reddit ad formats.

Reddit Gaming Advertising Handbook

The final section provides a range of examples of successful gaming partnerships, and how they’ve driven success.

Reddit Gaming Advertising Handbook

It’s a good overview of the various considerations for gaming marketers, which could help in your end-of-year planning.

You can download the full Reddit “Gaming Advertising Handbook” here.

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