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Reddit Provides Insights into its International Growth Efforts

Reddit has provided an overview of its international growth efforts, as it continues to re-shape its app, with a view to maximizing its business opportunities.

Over the past few years, Reddit has made significant advances on this front, which began, most notably, with the removal of its most controversial subreddits back in 2020.  Since then, Reddit has added a range of new ad targeting tools, while continuing its clean-up efforts, in order to distance itself from the platform’s past, and its reputation as a more lawless corner of the internet.

International expansion is another part of this, and Reddit’s undertaking several new initiatives to better connect with audiences outside the U.S.

First off, Reddit says that it’s been working with moderators in the UK, Germany, and France to “build out local communities and bring a more personal, relatable experience to redditors”.

“Whether it’s curating the cultural, seasonal, and trending moments happening in real time or spotlighting major moments like Eurovision and the Cricket World Cup, we’re working to surface the amazing conversations and interactions already taking place on Reddit every minute and make them even more meaningful to a wider audience.”

Reddit’s also making India a focus, with dedicated Reddit Avatars linked to seasonal moments for India’s Independence Day and Diwali, along with other activations.

Reddit avatars

It’s also added new language translation options to broaden content access, while it’s also looking to highlight more local content to users in-stream:

The Communities Tab now serves up a list of suggested communities based on local and country trends, culturally relevant and popular subreddits, and other suitable topics like Bollywood movies and the Cricket World Cup in India, Champions League in Germany, and Paris Rolex Masters in France.

Reddit international

Reddit’s also working to improve its sign-up options to cater to different users and devices, while it’s also appointed a new VP of International Growth to help further expand and evolve its offerings.

Reddit says that its international expansion efforts are paying off, with the platform seeing double-digit growth in daily active users outside the U.S., and a steady increase in international ad revenue intake.

Though Reddit has also had to take a step back on the usage front, as part of its clean-up efforts, which, as noted, saw many of the most controversial subreddit communities expelled.

At one stage, back in 2019, Reddit had 430 million monthly actives, but Reddit now claims some 7o million daily actives instead. That’s a significant variance, even though it is comparing monthly and daily users, with the bottom line being that Reddit has lost users as a result of its reformation project, which it’s now trying to get back through expansion projects.

As such, international audiences are a critical consideration, and it’ll be interesting to see whether Reddit does catch on in other markets.

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