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Reddit Launches New Ad Tips Mini-Site for SMBs

Ahead of its coming IPO, Reddit has launched a new mini-site of marketing tips for SMBs, as it looks to expand its business potential, and boost its market value.

And while it’s going to be difficult for Reddit to reach its reported $15 billion valuation target, the platform is steadily improving its promotional offerings, which has been a years-long effort by the Reddit team to prepare for its next stage.

Reddit’s new SMB site includes a range of usage notes and pointers, which highlight the value of Reddit for SMB promotions.

Reddit SMB tips

This is a key value proposition of the platform, that Reddit users trust the recommendations that they read in-stream. Getting your brand into those conversations is not always so easy, but tapping into Reddit’s expert communities can provide key lessons, while also facilitating promotional opportunity.

There are also more specific ad tips and pointers, to help maximize your Reddit campaigns.

Reddit SMB tips

As well as downloadable checklists and ad specs to inform your approach.

Reddit SMB tips

It’s a handy overview of Reddit’s key ad elements, and how to best align with them to improve performance.

As noted, Reddit’s reportedly planning to launch its IPO in the coming weeks, and as part of that push, you can expect to see Reddit looking to maximize its revenue opportunities, by facilitating more promotions and outreach options.

The new mini-site is another part of this, while Reddit also continues to update its platform rules and systems to make it a more brand-safe environment.

Will that work?

Evidently, millions of Redditors remain highly engaged, despite various changes already on this front. And if Reddit can also help drive better results for SMBs, that’ll improve its revenue potential moving forward.  

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