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Reddit Adds Elements to Its Reply Stream Ad Placements

Reddit’s added two new elements to its Conversation Placement ads, with Carousel and Product display options now available within chat streams in the app.

Reddit initially launched Conversation ads back in September 2021, enabling advertisers to promote their products direct within its highly engaged post comment threads.

Reddit Conversation Placement ads

This new update will provide alternative means to reach users in post reply streams, with direct product promos, and a new carousel display, helping to showcase your offers.

Reddit conversation placement

As explained by Reddit:

“These new units, placed in the heart of Reddit discussions, provide an even more dynamic and compelling way for advertisers to scale to relevant audiences, deliver deeper value to users, and drive stronger, full funnel performance among the hundreds of thousands of conversations that happen in Reddit communities every day.”

On product ads, Reddit says that this new placement option will enable brands “to get in front of people when they are already in research mode, actively discussing with other users, and therefore primed to make a purchase decision”.

Carousel ads in chats will also enable advertisers to provide more context and relevance in their Conversation ads.

What’s more, we’ve given Carousel Ads a redesigned glow up to enhance the user and advertiser experience. Brands can now show up to six images or GIFs within the unit, all with their own clickable link to their respective landing pages.”

In early testing, Reddit says that this updated format led to a 44% increase in click-through rate compared to its previous Carousel Ad units.

Both could offer value for brands looking to tap into related discussion, and get their product in front of highly engaged Reddit communities, many of whom are seeking advice ahead of making a purchase.

It’s often in the chat stream where the real value lies on Reddit, especially in terms of product discovery, and having more ways to connect with these users, at the right time, can only be of benefit.

It may be worth an experiment either way. You can learn more about Reddit’s latest Conversation Placement options here.

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