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Pinterest Launches Promotional Campaign to Highlight Discovery

Pinterest has launched another new promotional campaign as it seeks to boost awareness among potential ad partners, this time by highlighting the benefits of the platform in connecting users with a wide variety of interests.

Pinterest says that its new campaign aims to highlight “how the platform turns the journey of self-discovery into a true adventure,” through fantastical scenes that incorporate various popular interests.

As per Pinterest:

Each month, 518 million users come to Pinterest to find inspiration and discover ideas tailored to their individual taste. That’s 518 million unique journeys of discovery, where users can tap into their most creative selves and dare to dream big, then do big – all on Pinterest.” 

(As a side note, Pinterest also points out that the campaign was primarily filmed “practically” without the use of CGI and AI-based effect, which, for a platform that’s seeking to promote the work of artists, is important.)

It’s the platform’s latest effort to boost revenue intake, and its second major promotional push this year. Because while Pinterest has continued to see steady usage growth over the past few years, among people who come to the app with high shopping intent, it hasn’t been able to capitalize on its revenue opportunities as yet.

What’s more, Pinterest is also seeing more usage among younger demographics, which is another element that it’s hoping to tap into with this new campaign, and in combination, Pinterest’s hoping to highlight its potential to ad partners, and users, in order to maximize interest.

It’s an interesting campaign, better than their last one in my opinion.

Pinterest says that the campaign will run across TV, streaming, social, digital, programmatic, and cinema in the US and UK through November 2024.

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