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Pinterest Launches New Video Ad Campaign to Highlight its Value in Exploring Niches

Pinterest is launching a new video ad campaign, which aims to showcase how the platform can help you dig into specific trends and interests, via various niche concepts, under the banner of “It’s possible”.

As you can see in this example, Pinterest’s new campaign highlights how the platform can facilitate idea exploration and creation, through a range of products, recipes, ideas, and more.

As explained by Pinterest:

“The [new campaign] reinforces how Pinterest is a mind-expanding platform that can help you see and seize new possibilities. People need a place where they can expand and evolve their thinking, organize their ideas and collaborate on projects with the people they care about, all in an effort to ultimately take action and improve their lives.

The new campaign includes four variations, each exploring a different interest.

From planning a vacation or the decor in your first shared apartment to nailing the perfect spread for a Halloween party or look for a 90s party.

The video ads will begin appearing from this week, while Pinterest is also running a “Possibility Place” pop-up beauty and DIY store in London to add a real-life element to its pre-holiday push.

“Taking place in London, UK, on September 29th and 30th, the first-of-its-kind pop-up will allow visitors to take part in mocktail making, get a (real) tattoo, and upcycle household items into brand new statement pieces.”

So you can go get a tattoo from Pinterest, if you’re in the UK. No word on whether it has to be the Pinterest logo.

It’s another way to showcase the value of Pinterest as a discovery platform, and how it can help users explore specific interests, and create their own custom versions of such, based on Pin guidance.

And as noted, with the holiday push coming up, Pinterest is keen to showcase its potential value to ad partners.

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