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Pinterest Launches New Campaign to Highlight the Opportunities of Pin Ads

Pinterest has launched a new global ad campaign to promote its evolving ad tools, which takes a comedic approach to highlighting the platform’s value for marketers.

As you can see, the campaign takes a movie cliché-type approach to highlighting the benefits of Pin promotions.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Featuring action-packed minimovies, “The P is for Performance” campaign demonstrates how ads on Pinterest don’t just raise awareness about brands – they drive results.

Created by commercial director Tim Godsall, it’s an attention-grabbing new initiative, which could help to get more brand partners considering the benefits of Pin ads, and how the platform can facilitate reach to new audiences.

And with the platform now up to 450 million users, who primarily come to the platform with shopping intent, there is a lot of potential there. What’s more, Pinterest is also seeing more usage among younger demographics, which is another point that it’s looking to highlight in this new campaign.

Though while Pinterest is still growing, it hasn’t been able to capitalize on its revenue opportunities as yet. This new push will be part of the next stage for the company on this element, as it looks to get more brands spending more on Pin campaigns, in order to diversify its income in more regions.

Pinterest says that the new campaign will run on paid social, programmatic and trade publication channels in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, before entering markets across the globe later this year.

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