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Pinterest Launches Live Test of New Body Type Search Filters

After announcing its new, AI-based body-type matching option back in September, Pinterest is now rolling out a live test of the option, which will enable Pinners to find more images and examples that align more specifically with their body shape.

Pinterest body type search filters

As you can see in this example, Pinterest’s body type search filter will provide a range of body models to choose from, which will then filter your search results to better align with whatever example you choose.

That could provide more indicative product matches, and facilitate more inclusion within search results, which is a key element that Pinterest is seeking to build upon as it works to counter negative comparisons and exclusions within social platform discovery tools.

Pinterest has already added a range of tools on this front, including skin tone and hair type matching, enabling more users to find more relevant examples in their discovery process.

Body type matching is another key consideration on this front, with the system using visual ID matching to highlight relevant examples from across the platform.

Which could also push more brands to include a broader range of body models in their examples, to help meet searchers who are using these filters. The wider implications, then, are also positive, guiding Pinning brands to take a broader view of their audience, in order to maximize reach and resonance based on the available search filters.

And Pinners are indeed using these more specific search options.

According to Pinterest, use of its skin tone range filters has increased 70%, as more people learn about the different ways they can filter their discovery efforts based on more personalized parameters.

It’s a good update, which could have a more significant impact on broader search and discovery trends over time.

Pinterest says that it’s rolling out its body type search to all users from today, beginning with women’s fashion and wedding idea searches.

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