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Pinterest Expands Inclusion Fund With Shopify Partnership

Pinterest has announced a new expansion of its Pinterest Inclusion Fund, which provides support for creators from underrepresented communities in order to help them grow and cultivate their business potential in the app.

And now, Pinterest will be able to provide even more support on this front, with Shopify coming on board as a partner for the initiative.

Pinterest Inclusion Fund

As per Pinterest:

In collaboration with Shopify, the leading global commerce company, the Pinterest Inclusion Fund will upskill content producers from underrepresented communities with the necessary resources to optimize organic content and growth on the platform. The program launches in the US and Canada today, later this year in five new markets, Australia, Indonesia, India, Argentina and Mexico, and returns to six previous markets, US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, and the UK.”

The Inclusion Fund, which Pinterest initially launched in 2021, has provided support for over 150 content producers thus far, facilitating expanded offerings and opportunities in the app.

The aim of the program, as noted, is to provide support for small businesses, independent publishers and boutique creator agencies that are owned and operated by those from historically marginalized communities.

In the US and Canada, Pinterest says, this specifically means those “within the BIPOC, Disability, LGBTQIA+ and plus-size community,” though regional variations also mean that Pinterest can provide support to a broader range of creators from different backgrounds and groups to maximize support.

Applications are open to businesses that are at least 50% owned and operated by those from underrepresented communities, or stock 70% or more of their products from sources that support consumers from the same.

It’s a good initiative, and the addition of Shopify as a partner will provide more direct storefront support, helping more creators turn their creative vision into business reality.

You can learn more about the Pinterest Inclusion Fund here.

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