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Pinterest Expands Direct Links to More Ad Campaign Types

Pinterest has announced an expansion of its direct linking options, which will provide more opportunities for brands to drive more focused, direct traffic from their Pins and Pin ads.

Pinterest direct links

Pinterest first announced deeplinking back in July, and enhanced direct links in September, providing more ways for brands to direct users to a specific page in their own mobile app, or to a URL, facilitating direct connection.

As explained by Pinterest:

With other Pinterest ads, it takes two clicks for someone to navigate off Pinterest. First, people see a close-up view of the ad, and then a second tap takes them off Pinterest to the advertiser’s website. For ads using direct links there’s just one click, and it goes directly to the advertiser’s site. This streamlined customer journey is designed to support your lower funnel goals, at lower costs.” 

And now, Pinterest is adding direct linking to more campaign types.

As per Pinterest:

“Now we’ve extended [direct links] to include more campaign types. You can now use direct links for both consideration and conversion campaigns, across image and video formats.”

That’ll provide more capacity to guide Pin traffic to specific pages and processes, which can lead to more responsive results, and conversion, based on Pinterest’s stats.

Indeed, in Pinterest’s Q3 earnings report, which it published last month, it noted that the addition of deeplinks had led to a significant expansion of referral traffic.

“We saw 88% higher outbound click-through rates and a 39% decrease in cost per outbound click for CPC objectives from early Direct Links adopters.”

In addition to this, Pinterest also says that brands that have been using direct links for consideration campaigns have seen an average of 96% more clicks to site with the links enabled, compared to their previous campaigns on Pinterest. 

“That even includes cost savings, with a whopping 38% decrease in cost per outbound click.”

It could be a valuable consideration, providing more direct connection from your Pins, and driving users with high shopping intent to your offers.

Pinterest says that direct links are automatically enabled for consideration campaigns, while for conversion and shopping campaigns, advertisers will need to switch this on in Ads Manager.

You can read more about Pinterest’s linking options here.

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