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New Report Highlights Key Social Media Marketing Trends of Note for 2024

Looking to map out your social media marketing approach for 2024?

This will help. Today, Hootsuite has published its latest social trends report, based on insights from over 4,200 marketers, and 4,500 consumers, which highlights some of the key concerns, and opportunities, emerging in the sector.

You can download the full, 41-page report here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

Hootsuite’s 2024 report is split into three key trend sections:

  • AI
  • Platform usage shifts
  • Return on investment.

The AI segment looks at evolving approaches to generative AI usage, and how consumers view such from brands.

Hootsuite 2024 trend report

As you can see in this chart, AI usage, as you would expect, is set to rise significantly in 2024. That’ll provide new opportunities, though consumers also have some hesitation about what it might mean for their perception of what’s real, and what’s fake, and how that could impact their trust in digital marketing.

Which is why transparency is key, especially when depicting realistic scenes with AI content, in order to maintain a level of trust with your audience.

In terms of platform trends, Hootsuite’s data highlights the key areas of concern among social marketing teams, and how they maximize their performance.

Hootsuite 2024 trend report

Which may gel with your own experience, or give you some perspective on wider trends.

The report also shows which platforms marketers are most confident in, in terms of positive return on their investment.

Hootsuite 2024 trend report

BeReal is surprisingly high in this list, while X seems to have taken a significant hit.

On another front, Threads is still too early in its life cycle to be considered relevant at this stage (note: the survey was taken in August, less than a month after Threads’ launch).

The final section of the report looks at ROI, and how consumers view content from brands, with a view to improving that connection.

Hootsuite 2024 trend report

Some key strategic notes here, which may factor into your 2023 planning.

There’s a heap more in the full report, providing a range of insights into what people expect from brands on social, and how marketers can cater to such moving forward.

You can download Hootsuite’s full “Social Trends 2024” report here.

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