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Microsoft has announced that it’s updating its Retail Media tool with a new “Creative Studio” element, which will enable users to create totally new ads, in new formats, all via conversational AI prompts.

As explained by Microsoft:

“With this creative management solution, retailers and advertisers can boost creativity and productivity by generating banner creative with ease, thereby improving banner ads’ participation, performance, and ultimately revenue. With the easy-to-use AI-powered tools, retailers can also support the full breadth of their advertisers, especially the smaller ones who may not be equipped to run effective banner campaigns, thereby unleashing the full potential of banner ads’ growth in retail media programs.

The tool is able to create ads based on just a product URL, with users then able to further customize the creative for different channels.

Microsoft banner ads creator

Microsoft says that the AI-generated ads will automatically align with each retailer’s style guide, while you’ll also be able to customize your ads through further prompts.

Microsoft banner ads creator

You can also update and emphasize selected words and phrases, crop and clean up backgrounds, basically you’ll be able to modify all your ad elements, all based on text prompts.

It could be a handy tool for building your campaigns, and optimizing your ads for delivery on different platforms, adding another element to Microsoft’s expanding ad creation suite.

Microsoft is rapidly changing itself into an AI-first company, with generative AI being built into all of its tools. And with the hype around AI only set to rise, that’s looking to be a good bet for the company, with its Bing search engine getting more attention than ever, and its various other AI elements, powered by its partnership with OpenAI, helping to boost Microsoft’s value to record highs.

And with tools like this, which will continue to improve, you can see how Microsoft will continue to drive adoption via its AI elements.

It could be worth a look. you can learn more about Retail Media Creative Studio here.

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