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Meta Unveils New AI-Powered Ad Tools at NewFronts 2024

Meta has announced a range of new ad tools at NewFronts 2024, including improved creator search for affiliate campaigns, multi-destination product ads for Reels, and more.

First off, Meta’s adding new, machine learning-powered creator recommendations for brands in Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, which will help brands find the right creators to work with on their campaigns.

Meta NewFronts 2024

As you can see in this example, now, Meta’s system will recommend the best creators to work with for your business, based on a range of signals relating to audience similarity, topic relativity, and more.

Brands are also now able to search for creators by filtering for an expanded range of creator and audience attributes, providing more ways to find the right partners for affiliate campaigns.

The updates will make it easier to put together more effective creator campaigns, and if they work as advertised, they could be hugely beneficial, saving time and improving performance.

Meta’s also testing a new, AI-based tool which it hopes will be able to predict which organic brand content will perform best when used in paid campaigns as a partnership ad.

On another front, Meta’s also extending its AI “Image Expansion” option for Advantage+ creative, with marketers now able to use Image Expansion for Reels campaigns as well.

Meta NewFronts 2024

As you can see in this example, Image Expansion makes it easier to reform your creative elements to fit each format. Meta first launched image expansion in October last year, and it’s now adding it into the Reels campaign creation process, providing more ways to use its AI elements in your ads.

Meta’s also launching multi-destination product ads for Reels, which will use items from your product catalog to display relevant matches to each user.

Meta NewFronts 2024

That’ll provide Reels viewers with a swipeable display of product images, helping to drive expanded interest, based on each viewers’ in-app behavior.

Finally, Meta’s also adding a new element to its “Reminder Ads”, with brands able to include external links to a new product or sale in their Reminder promotions.

Meta NewFronts 2024

That’ll provide more functionality for your Reminder promotions, with the capacity to prompt users about upcoming events, and products, in stream.

These are some interesting additions, each with its own value, which aren’t major game changers as such, but offer their own specific enhancements. And if they do work as Meta anticipates, they could end up being significant time savers.

Meta says these new updates are being rolled out from today.

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