Meta’s adding some new measures to help brands protect their IP, with an update to its Brand Rights Protection Manager tool, which detects replicas in product listings, and a new Intellectual Property Reporting Center that will track IP violation reports, making it easier to keep tabs on concerns.

First off, on Brand Rights Protection Manager. Meta’s updating its Brand Rights tracking tool with new, AI-powered features, enabling broader protection of your products.

Meta Brand Rights Manager

As explained by Meta:

“The new version [of Brand Rights Manager] leverages our latest AI and machine learning capabilities to find higher quality matches based on brands’ previous usage of Brand Rights Protection.”

The system, which enables you to upload reference images of your products, which Meta’s system can then use to detect duplicates, will now provide more streamlined discovery elements, including saved searches, and broader-reaching search parameters, simplifying the process.

Meta’s also expanding the reference image limit from 50 to 200 images, which will facilitate a wider range of variations for Meta’s system to cross-check.

Meta’s also expanding its Rights Manager platform to enable broader blocking of violating content, as well as image ownership tagging, giving copyright holders more control over their content.

The new Intellectual Property Reporting Center meanwhile will provide a central database of your IP reports, improving the tracking process.

“The new Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting Center improves the process of reporting through [Meta’s IP] forms by saving relevant account information and keeping reporting history in one place. Reporters must log into their Facebook, Instagram or Business Manager account in order to access the IP Reporting Center. Multiple users who are logged in under the same Business Manager account will be able to see reporting history for the entire business.”

Meta Intellectual Property Reporting Center

Finally, Meta’s also adding a new Protecting Businesses section on its Meta for Business website, which will provide notes and guides to help businesses develop a brand protection strategy.

It’s a significant expansion of Meta’s IP monitoring tools, which provide crucial safeguards for brands that are being targeted by questionable re-sellers and rip-off merchants on Facebook and IG. Counterfeits undermine brand reputation, and Facebook, through ads in feed, and promotions in Marketplace, is a renowned target for many of these scam peddlers.

As such, it’s good to see Meta taking more action to address this activity, providing more ways for businesses to manage their content. It’s also a good use of AI, with the system getting much better at detecting similar content matches for businesses to check through.

You can learn more about Meta’s brand protection updates here.

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