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Meta Adds New API Elements To Expand Posting Capacity in Third Party Management Apps

Instagram’s adding some new elements into its Instagram and Reels APIs, in order to provide more posting functionality via third-party apps.

First off, Instagram’s adding its new collaborative posting process as an additional element within the API integration, which will mean that you’ll soon be able to publish collaborative posts via third-party social management apps.

Instagram announced the launch of its Collaborative Posts last week, which enables users to invite others to add their own images and video to a carousel post.

Instagram collaborative carousels

Now, you’ll be able to create these within third-party apps too, expanding your posting options.

Instagram’s also adding Organic Reels insights into the API, which will provide more data for your content planning.

Finally, Meta’s also updating the Facebook Video API with a new copyright protection element.

“Similar to the feature already existing on Instagram native and Facebook Video API, users will be able to leverage this API feature to detect if a copyright check would block their media after publish.”

So it’ll simplify and streamline the posting process, by ensuring that your post will actually go live, as opposed to being held up by Facebook’s systems.

Meta continues to update its API in quick succession, with a view to ensuring posting parity within approved third-party social management apps. Which is a big benefit for those catering to several apps via a single management platform, with these new elements giving you more options to maximize your Facebook and IG video content.

Meta says that all of these features will be available within the respective API as of October 30, 2023, though it will take some time for them to be integrated into your social management platform of choice.

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