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LinkedIn Shares New Insights into its Potential for Healthcare Marketers

LinkedIn has shared some new insights into the potential of the app for healthcare marketers, with a rising number of healthcare decision-makers now active in the app.

As per LinkedIn:

There are a growing number of healthcare professionals on LinkedIn. At nearly 8 million in the United States alone, these healthcare professionals  have acquired 38,000 skills, work for 424,000 companies, and belong to 341,000 groups on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn healthcare

That’s a significant niche, which underlines the potential of LinkedIn as a professional connection platform, with the capacity to reach business people in various niches.

For healthcare in particular, LinkedIn also says that activity around healthcare has increased over the past year, boosting its value as a connective platform.

LinkedIn healthcare

LinkedIn also notes that the pandemic has hastened the digital transition within the healthcare industry, with more health professionals now spending more time in the app.

“Today’s healthcare professionals are digital natives who expect and welcome digital interactions with brands. What’s more, 25% of these professionals find out about new brands via social media.

LinkedIn further notes that the rise of telehealth appointments, and remote consultations, has increased the need for healthcare professionals to use digital platforms as a means to promote their services, which adds another angle to pitching this audience in the app.

In order to do this, LinkedIn offers several topic categories within its ad targeting tools to reach healthcare professionals:

LinkedIn healthcare

LinkedIn further notes that influencer marketing can be a great avenue for reaching key decision makers in the app, and has become a bigger area of focus for the platform of late, while video marketing can help to drive leads.

Using the available tools, and based on these engagement stats, LinkedIn could well be a key source for healthcare marketers to reach their target audience, facilitating direct connection and exposure via its ad tools.

You can read LinkedIn’s full healthcare marketing overview here.

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