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LinkedIn Says That Previously Posted Carousel Posts Will Be Deleted From the App Next Month

A quick reminder: LinkedIn is getting rid of carousel posts, profile videos, and its in-image linking option shortly, which, evidently, will also result in the removal of previously posted carousels, and the de-activation of in-image links.

As explained by LinkedIn (via Matt Navarra):

“Starting on December 14th, 2023, we’ll be removing all carousels and profile videos from LinkedIn. If you embedded clickable links within any image or video, please note that your content will remain, but the clickable links will no longer work. You can still share external links in the description of any post.”

So all of your previously posted carousels will be deleted, and your clickable links will be dead.

LinkedIn originally announced that it would be removing these options back in June, seemingly due to lack of user interest.

Carousel posts is likely the biggest removal, with carousels generating good levels of engagement for many users.

LinkedIn carousels

LinkedIn added its native carousel posting option in July last year, after years of creators posting their own, makeshift carousels by uploading PDFs, with each page representing a separate slide. That option is still available for now, so if you want to keep posting carousels on LinkedIn, you’ll have to revert back to the workaround process.

LinkedIn added profile videos back in 2021, and it never really seemed like a big winner, while clickable links in images was added in August last year.

LinkedIn link sticker

All of these have now been removed as posting options, but it is also worth noting that they’ll be retrospectively deleted and deactivated next month.

Worth factoring into your planning.

LinkedIn says that users can get LinkedIn to send them a copy of their profile video or files from their carousel posts by contacting [email protected] no later than December 11th.

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