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LinkedIn Rolls Out New Updates for Newsletters, Including Improved Creation and Customization Tools

LinkedIn Newsletters have seen a significant rise this year, with newsletter readership tripling year-over-year, and now exceeding more than 500 million total subscriptions in the app.

It could be a valuable consideration for your 2023 strategy, and today, LinkedIn has announced some new updates to its newsletter tools to help in your creation process.

First off, LinkedIn’s added duplicate draft templates, which will enable newsletter creators to streamline their creation process by replicating previous newsletter formats.

LinkedIn newsletter update

As you can see in this example, now, rather than having to create your newsletter from scratch, you can use a past example as the format, which could also facilitate more consistency in presentation.

LinkedIn’s also rolling out some new newsletter analytics, including additional performance notes and audience demographics.

LinkedIn newsletter update

As per LinkedIn:

Available to both individual authors and Pages with newsletters, we’ll show you how content consumption is trending over time, the audience you’re reaching with subscriber demographics, and advice for how to optimize for new audience growth. You can access newsletter analytics from the dashboard on your Profile or through a specific newsletter edition you want to dig into.

In terms of broader content creation for your newsletters, LinkedIn’s also updated its article preview display, so you’ll be able to get a better idea of how exactly your content will look before you hit publish, while it’s also improved its author switching functionality when posting an article, making it easier to select whether you’re publishing as a member or from a Company Page. 

These are some handy updates, which build on the newsletter creation updates announced earlier this year, making it easier to customize your display and formatting in your newsletter options.

And again, with LinkedIn’s newsletters driving more engagement, it could be worth considering whether they might fit into your 2024 content strategy.

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