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LinkedIn Publishes Guide To Evolving Data Privacy Approaches in Marketing

LinkedIn has published a new guide to privacy-first marketing approaches for B2B brands, which outlines the steps that businesses should be looking to take to prepare for the next stage of digital campaign performance tracking.

And with digital tracking cookies on the way out, and evolving data usage regulations around the world, marketers are aware that significant changes are coming, which will require a significant reimagining of their current process.

As per Linkedin:

A study by LinkedIn and Boston Consulting Group found that more than 90% of marketers believe greater use of first-party data will play either a critical or important role in response to privacy changes. Solidifying a first-party data strategy is an essential step toward sustainable success in this new environment.

LinkedIn’s 36-page guide covers five key elements of focus for this shift, that’ll help businesses prepare for the change:

LinkedIn data privacy guide

The guide explores each of these points in-depth, with tips on how to action each, and implement steps to move towards improved data collection and usage.

LinkedIn data privacy guide

The guide also looks at how marketers can utilize AI in this process, as well as alternative data collection frameworks, and testing tips.

There are also notes on how you can use LinkedIn’s first-party data tools to improve ad performance.

LinkedIn data privacy guide

As well as case studies that demonstrate these elements in action.

It’s a handy overview of notes to consider, with a clear LinkedIn-specific tilt (of course). But even with the focus being on LinkedIn’s tools, the pointers will help to guide your thinking around the next stage, and what tools might be available to cater to your data requirements.

And really, marketers do need to be doing more to prepare. Most seem reasonably content to let things play out, and see how they need to respond as things change, but early preparedness is important to maximizing efficiency, and staying ahead of the curve.

The guide could help on this front.

You can download LinkedIn’s “Maximizing performance in the privacy-first era” guide here.

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