Marketers will feel this one.

LinkedIn has launched a new marketing campaign which focuses on the complexities of B2B marketing, and how people outside of the industry have no clue what we’re talking about.

LinkedIn’s “No One Knows What You Do” campaign highlights various stories of often misunderstood elements of modern B2B selling. Which, for anyone who reads SMT regularly, will no doubt be familiar.

Look, there are a lot of acronyms and odd terms, and it can be baffling for those outside of the industry. But every sector is always evolving, and there are always going to be advances and changes that’ll be misunderstood outside of certain circles.

I mean, I’m pretty lost when it comes to the specifics of what to buy at the hardware store, and that’s the same type of thing. It’s just that B2B has more modern buzzwords, which can appear more confusing.

LinkedIn says that it hopes the campaign will help to enhance its connection with B2B marketers:

“Through the “No One Knows What You Do” campaign, we hope not only to inspire our audience of B2B marketers, but also to practice what we preach with a creative approach that speaks directly and distinctly to this audience. It’s a recipe that’s built to win in the world of B2B, where specific relevance with specific professionals is fundamental to success.

There actually is something endearing to it, like LinkedIn gets me.

It’s an entertaining activation either way, which could help drive more interest in LinkedIn’s B2B solutions.

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