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LinkedIn Gains MRC Accreditation on Several Key Ad Metrics

LinkedIn has gained an extra level of assurance for advertisers, with the Media Ratings Council (MRC) granting accreditation on several of LinkedIn’s display ad metrics.

After submitting to a voluntary MRC audit, LinkedIn’s processes have now been verified by the Council, meaning that LinkedIn’s measurement and reporting systems adhere to industry standards across several key areas relating to ethical operations, disclosure, and delivery.

As per LinkedIn:

We have received MRC accreditation for four display ad metrics: gross impression, net impression, gross click, and net click in desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app. Our accreditation is applicable to Sponsored Content Ads, Text, and Dynamic Ad formats.”

That’ll provide additional peace of mind for LinkedIn marketers, who can trust that LinkedIn’s processes on these elements have been checked and approved by an independent industry body.

LinkedIn says that the accreditation is a credit to its efforts to solidify its ad systems:

Being awarded an MRC accreditation showcases LinkedIn’s dedication to abide by the highest industry standards of quality and accuracy in measurement. This is just the beginning – LinkedIn looks forward to continuing work with industry bodies to build upon its commitment to deliver B2B measurement solutions that meet or exceed industry standards.

In future, LinkedIn’s looking to gain full accreditation for all of its ad offerings, in order to maximize ad partner trust and confidence.

LinkedIn will also now display a new MRC-accredited metrics column view in Campaign Manager.

LinkedIn MRC accreditation

It’s a positive step for LinkedIn, which will help to facilitate more trust in its ad systems and metrics.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s MRC accreditation here.

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