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LinkedIn Expands the Display of Its Profile CTA Buttons to More Surfaces

LinkedIn is expanding its display of custom CTA buttons for profiles, which will now also be displayed in both search results and on posts in stream, adding another element to drive more creator engagement.

Originally launched back in April, LinkedIn’s profile CTA buttons, which are available to Premium subscribers, enable users to add a CTA button to their profile, using one of six preset messages, which can then drive profile visitors to a specified URL from your LinkedIn presence.

Linkedin custom action button for profiles

You can see the “Visit my store” CTA button on the users’ profile in the final image above.

And now, as per these screenshots shared by Lindsey Gamble, your chosen CTA will also appear on your feed posts:

LinkedIn profile CTA

And in search:

LinkedIn profile CTA

It’s not highly conspicuous in the profile header, but LinkedIn seems to be running out of room to add such. It also recently added its “Paid Partnership” label to the same area.

LinkedIn Brand Partnership tags

The search labels are much more prominent, providing another way for creators to generate more direct traffic from LinkedIn, which could be another incentive to build their presence in the app.

LinkedIn’s been working to provide more creator tools, in order to help platform influencers build their audience and influence, with a view to maximizing posting activity, and getting more people to spend more time in the app.

Like all social platforms, LinkedIn is now trying to lean into the “Creator Economy”, though I maintain that the label itself is a misnomer, in that the “economy” they’re referring to is not very economical, or beneficial, for the vast majority of people that don’t work for the platforms direct.

I mean, sure, some influencers are making big dollars from posting in social apps, and there are some that have been able to translate that into an actual job, even a career as a creator. But the concept of a “creator economy” seems more designed to lure more people into the belief that they too can make real money from social posting, which, for around 99% of people simply isn’t the case.

But then again, the more opportunities that arise, the more your chances increase. I’m just not sure it’s an “economy” as such. More like a “creator fantasy”, that you too can play into, and it might pay off.

Which is obviously all an aside, what’s of note in this particular instance is that LinkedIn is continuing to add more opportunities for creators to maximize their reach, response, and presence, in new ways in the app.

And with LinkedIn seeing record levels of user engagement, with sharing of original content in the app increasing by 41% in 2022, there is indeed opportunity, with these new tools enhancing the potential to grow in and from the app.

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