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LinkedIn Adds New Generative AI Search Tools to Sales Navigator, Makes AI Courses Available for Free

LinkedIn continues to lean into generative AI, this time via new AI elements for Sales Navigator, which will make it easier to search for information, and connect with leads, through the use of more conversational language and summaries.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator AI

As you can see in this example, LinkedIn’s first new element is a “Filter with AI” table, which will appear on the left-hand side of the Sales Navigator screen, and will provide users with more options to hone their searches in the app via prompts and conversational queries.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Think about how simple it is to say: “Find me marketing decision makers at LinkedIn on the U.S. East Coast with whom I have a second degree connection.” AI-assisted search automatically does the work of selecting the right search filters, based on the prompt, to help unlock a new level of ease in sellers’ lead identification workflows.”

That could make it a lot easier to conduct more in-depth research, and expand your research pool, which could present you with a range of new opportunities, without needing to know the exact right Boolean strings or search parameters.

In addition to this, LinkedIn’s also rolling out a new “Account IQ” option, which will also utilize generative AI to create summaries of key information on potential contacts.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator AI

As you can see, the new summaries will highlight key news, financials, key team members, and more, built by LinkedIn’s AI system.

Instead of having to search for information across many different places, with one click, sellers can use Account IQ to understand key highlights about an account in a single view. This can include information from public filing data and financial reports, to our unique LinkedIn insights about workforce trends and what’s top-of-mind for company leaders.”

That could greatly enhance your response time and outreach, by giving you all the information you need to customize your pitch in a simple summary.

The new options are the latest in LinkedIn’s expanding adoption of generative AI, which has already seen it add AI profile summaries, post prompts, job listings, and more.

Which makes sense, given that LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft is looking to integrate AI into virtually all of its apps and functions, via its partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI.

In a separate announcement, LinkedIn has also reported that member interest in generative AI is also rising, with the platform seeing 33x more posts about AI and GPT year-over-year.

Based on this, LinkedIn’s also offering its 10 most popular LinkedIn Learning courses on generative AI for free till the end of the year (December 15th), providing another avenue for members to up their AI knowledge, and make it a bigger part of the professional landscape.

And it definitely is becoming a bigger consideration. While most AI tools are limited now, they’re constantly evolving, and people are finding more uses for AI prompts every day. I’m not convinced that they’ll replace entire roles wholesale, but they are handy supplementary tools, that have a level of value in almost any work environment.

As such, it could be worth taking these LinkedIn Learning courses while you can, and learning more about the generative AI shift.

LinkedIn’s two new generative AI features for Sales Navigator are now available to a limited number of users in North America, Asia Pacific and Latin America. LinkedIn will expand access soon.

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