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Instagram’s Experimenting With a New Notes Wonder Wall for User Profiles

With its DM Notes feature becoming something of a surprise hit for the app, particularly among younger users, Instagram’s now looking for more ways to integrate Notes into more elements, in order to capitalize on the engagement benefits of the text-based conversational prompts.

That, seemingly, could soon see Instagram add Notes to user profiles, with a new “Wall” display of notes being tested in the app.

Instagram wall

As you can see in this example, shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram’s testing a “Wonder Wall” display, which looks to be a showcase of Notes, directly accessible from your main IG profile.

(I suspect that “Wonder Wall” won’t be the name that IG goes with in the end, but that’s the tag it has at the moment.)

The experiment appears to be an extension of a Notes display on user profiles that was spotted last month, though the fact that users can seemingly add a note in-stream suggests that it may be separate from your DM inbox Notes entirely, essentially providing the same functionality, but for individuals on their profile.

Instagram wall


(You’re gonna’ be the one that saves me)

I don’t know, because the detail is still fairly limited, with only a few screenshots of the option in testing, and no official information from IG on what, exactly, it is as yet.

But it does seem like Instagram’s trying to extend the functionality of Notes, which, as noted (sorry), have been popular among younger users.

Back in June, Instagram reported that over 100 million teens had shared a Note in the preceding three months, while teen users are also creating Notes at 10x the rate of non-teens.  

That spells opportunity, especially as Instagram tries to keep a hold of younger audiences, whose attentions are being swayed by other apps.

It’s logical, then, for Instagram to try more ways to keep these users engaged, and maybe, by having a prompt-based wall on people’s profiles, that other users can add something to, that could be a sort of lo-fi way to keep in touch, and spark ongoing engagement.

Though you can also imagine that it could be misused, with bullies also looking to post to people’s wall to upset them. You’d assume, then, that users would need to have control over the Notes that are displayed, though that would then make it pretty much like DMs, right? I mean, they’d be more public, but if you have to read and approve each Note before it’s shown, what’s the point? Answering questions for others to see? Organizing group meet-ups?

It seems a little odd, but there may well be more to it, which we’ll find out as Instagram continues to develop the option.

Or it’ll get shelved, and we’ll never see it again. Either way, it’s interesting to consider the types of engagement that Instagram’s looking to encourage, which could drive more of its future development efforts.

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