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Instagram Will Soon Enable Creators to Build AI Versions of Themselves

Look, I don’t know why Meta is convinced that enabling people to make A.I. bot versions of themselves is something that will have real, tangible value to users.

But whatever the reason, it is indeed looking to facilitate such, with new screenshots showing its evolving A.I. bot creation framework.

Instagram AI creation

As you can see in these examples, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is developing the next stage of its A.I. bot creation platform, which would be built into the app, and would enabling users to: “Create an AI version of yourself”.

Though the focus is likely creators, with Instagram previewing the coming option back in April, as an extension of its celebrity-influenced AI chatbots.

As reported by The New York Time:

The program, which is in its early stages of testing and known as “Creator A.I.,” would allow influencers to chat with fans through direct messages on the social network and potentially through Instagram comments in the future, according to five people briefed on the company’s plans. The program will essentially be a chatbot that mimics the “voice” of the Instagram influencer to respond to fans, the people said.”

The main aim, Meta says, is to assist popular creators in dealing with admin tasks, like responding to fan comments.

But is that, like, actually beneficial? Is talking to a bot that mimics a celebrity or influencer engaging, or even interesting?

Or more fundamentally, is it “social,” as these are, inherently, “social media” experiences?

For some reason, Meta believes that facilitating bot creation will be a big differentiator, while it also seems to be banking on the fact that people will want to engage with bots that simulate engagement with famous people.

But I’m not sure that this is correct.

Meta’s celebrity bots, for example, can be useful in some circumstances, in providing guidance on recipes, fitness plans, etc. But it’s not the fact that they reply in the style of a celebrity that adds value. In fact, I would argue that this adds nothing at all to the process.

Essentially, I don’t understand why a company that’s built around a foundation of connecting people is now looking to connect people with bots, and facilitate virtual engagement, that, if anything, takes people away from actual engagement with actual humans.

Like, I get that Mark Zuckerberg is enamored with A.I., and the possibilities of large language models. But is this really the best use of this tech?

In any event, it does look like it’s coming. Meta’s been developing this new A.I. bot creation process for some time, and these latest screenshots do suggest that it’s getting closer to launch.

So get ready to chat with an A.I. version of your favorite influencer in the comments.

A new age indeed.

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