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Instagram Will Now Enable You to Create Stickers from Entities in Your Photos

Instagram’s testing another new sticker option, this time with a photo cut-out process, that enables you to make stickers out of objects within your images.

instagram sticker cut-out

As you can see in this example, the new option will enable you to identify specific entities within your photos, and then easily cut and paste them in isolation, so you can then use them as stickers in your Stories and Reels.

So it’s pretty much like Apple’s photo cut-out option that it added in iOS 16, which also enables you to isolate the subject of a photo, so you can use that as a separate, sticker-like image in mail, messages, etc.

Apple sticker cut-out

So it’s not entirely original. But then again, nothing on Meta ever really is, and it could be handy to have the capacity to create stickers for use within Instagram specifically.

Furthermore, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri also says that you’ll be able to create stickers not only from your own photos in your camera roll, but also from “eligible images you see on Instagram”.

So publicly posted images, though there’s seemingly no specific opt-out setting for cut-out usage as yet.

Maybe that’s coming, or will be, if the option sees good take up.

Instagram’s new cut-out option is currently being tested with selected users.

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