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Instagram Tests Text Overlays and Image Formatting Within Carousel Posts

Instagram’s trying out some new elements for Carousel posts, with creators now able to add text overlays on individual images in a carousel, and re-format images in the display.

First off, on text overlays. Some IG users are now able to add text to images within a carousel.

As you can see in this example, posted by Candidas and Nas Wander, the text option within the carousel composer now enables you to add captions that are overlaid on the carousel image. Which could open up a range of additional presentation options and considerations, especially for explainers, how-tos, etc.

Instagram carousel update

It’s a relatively simple, but interesting addition, which will expand your creative options in carousel posts.

As will this.

Instagram carousel update

As you can see in this example, posted by social media expert Lindsey Gamble, you can now choose different presentation formats for your images within a carousel set.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Original – Photos are displayed in full size
  • Portrait – Photos are cropped to portrait/vertical presentation
  • Square – Photos are cropped down to square format

Once the images are re-sized, they’ll maintain that format within the carousel, giving you more ways to showcase different image types within the display.

That could provide expanded opportunities to share different content types, and enhance your creative options with carousel posts.

Which are a popular option, and with Instagram also experimenting with more frames within carousel posts, it’s clearly looking to give carousels more focus, in order to keep people sharing holiday snaps, and other updates that align with this format.

Which also benefits brands, with a range of ways in which image collections can showcase products and offerings.

These new additions will further enhance this, and could make carousels a more interesting and valuable consideration.   

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