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Instagram Tests Out Location Tags in Notes

Instagram’s testing another element within its Notes inbox prompts, with some users now able to add a location tag to their Notes queries.

Instagram Notes location tags

As you can see in these example screens, users in the test pool can add a location marker to their note, which will then link through to the IG location page for that place.

As explained by Instagram chief Adam Mosseri (via his Instagram Channel):

“People are using notes to share thoughts, moods, and even places. We want to make it easier to connect over where you’re hanging out, get new inspiration for spots to visit and more. I’m psyched for this because sharing where I am has been one of my favorite things to do with notes.”

Notes, which Instagram first launched in December last year, provides a simple way for users to spark conversations in the app, by adding 60-character notes that can then be seen by all of their connections at the top of their inbox.

Instagram update

Which has proven popular, especially with younger users, which has prompted Instagram to add more Notes functionality, including audio clips and song highlights, along with its other inbox connection features, like Broadcast Channels, as it leans into the rise of DM engagement.   

Which is a key trend of note. Over time, people have become increasingly wary about public posting to their main feeds in social apps, preferring instead to share posts with smaller groups of friends and family. Instagram has been looking to tap into this shift, which may also soon see IG add its own AI chatbot experience, to further expand its messaging tools.

And while Notes may seem like a lesser element of overall app engagement, as noted, where it has helped Instagram is in re-establishing connection with younger audiences, something that it had been losing out on due to the rise of TikTok.

As such, it’s little surprise to see Instagram testing out more Notes elements, which it’ll likely continue to try out as it works to maximize engagement.

The new test is now live for selected IG users.

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