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Instagram Tests Option To Create Stories for Friends

Instagram is testing out yet another collaborative option, this time via Stories that you would create for a friend.

Sounds weird? It kind of is, but it also makes sense as a sharing option.

Here’s how it works:

Instagram Friend Story

As you can see in this example, shared by Jonah Manzano, some users are now seeing a new option in the Stories creation flow that enables them to share their Story to a friend via the “Friend’s Story” option.

If you choose to share a Story in this way, the connection you share it to will be able to review it, then add it to their Story, if they approve.

Instagram Friend Story

As outlined above, the Story will get sent to your connection as a message, which will then enable them to check it out. If they choose to share it, it’ll be added to their Stories feed, with your handle listed on the Story, showing that you actually created it.

It could be a handy way to collaborate with friends, and enhance engagement and exposure in the app.

And if brands get access to the same, that could provide a new, simplified avenue for sourcing UGC, by prompting fans to submit their content, in order to potentially be featured on your brand profile.

Instagram has confirmed to SMT that they are testing the option with selected users, though there’s no time frame for a full launch as yet.

As per IG:

 “We are always working on new ways for people to share and connect on Instagram and are now testing a way to request to share to a friend’s story with a small group of people to start.

It’s the latest in a range of collaborative options in the app, with the platform also experimenting with Story “Hype” messages, “Add Yours” templates, public Collections, and more.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently noted that he wants to ensure that Instagram doesn’t lose its social focus, as it moves more into entertainment, and as such, you can expect to see the platform experiment with a range of new options to encourage engagement and interaction in the app this year.

Friend’s Stories is another element, which could prove to be an interesting interactive option if it does get a full launch.

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