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Instagram Enables All Users To Download Publicly Posted Reels Clips

Get ready to see more Instagram logos showing up in TikTok clips.

Instagram has today announced that all users can now download publicly posted Reels in the app, after initially rolling out the option to U.S. users back in June.

Instagram Reels downloads

As you can see in these example screens, you’ll now see a new “Download” option in the Reels “Share” display if a creator has enabled downloads of their clips. Publicly posted Reels will be downloadable by default, though creators can switch it off if they’d prefer people didn’t copy their clips.

The second image shows how downloaded Reels will be displayed, with an Instagram logo, and the creator’s IG handle overlaid on the clip.

Which, as noted, will make it easier for spammy accounts to take content from IG and re-post it on TikTok, in order to scoop up another few shares and likes for their accounts. Because while it will still have the IG markings on it, most users won’t really care, though TikTok’s algorithm will reduce the reach of posts with up-front branding, including the IG logo.

I mean, probably specifically the IG logo, in order to push creators to post original content, but still, this will likely see more users re-sharing popular clips from IG in TikTok as well.

But aside from cheating the system, it’ll also provide a way to keep top Reels clips, and share them in new ways.

It’s not a revolutionary change, but it will facilitate more engagement, in new ways, which could help to boost exposure potential for Reels creators.

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri says the option to download public Reels is being rolled out to all users from today.

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