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Instagram Adds Looping Video Clips in Notes

Instagram’s trying out another new addition for its DM Notes feature, which has proven to be a hit with younger users in the app.

Now, to enhance Notes connection, Instagram’s experimenting with selfie videos in Notes, providing a moving, active element to your updates.

As you can see in this example, with video Notes, your Notes shelf will come alive, which could help to make them stand out, and inspire more interaction.

And that’s not all, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri also says that soon, users will be able to update their default profile photo in Notes with a short, looping video.

It’s an interesting addition, and given the popularity of Notes with younger audiences, who are also more aligned with short-form video, it could be a good way to drive more engagement.

Back in June, Meta said that over 100 Million teen accounts had shared a Note in the preceding 90 days, while Meta also says that teen users create notes at 10x the rate of non-teens. In addition, over 20% of Notes created by teens receive a reply.

The addition of video clips could enhance this further, and maybe, through this, and the expansion of encrypted messaging in IG, that could eventually help the app eat into Snapchat’s market share among younger audiences.

Instagram says that the option is in limited testing for now, with a further expansion coming in future.

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