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Google Launches AR Try-On Tools for Hair Color and Foundation

Google’s taking its AR try-on tools to the next stage, with the addition of hair color and foundation try-on tools, adding to its suite of virtual testing options.

First off, on hair color try-on. As it sounds, now, when you search for hair colors, certain brands will have AR try-on available in-stream, so you can get an idea of what you’ll look like in a new tone.

Google hair try-on

As explained by Google:

Now, if you’re shopping for at-home hair color, you can see what different shades from the L’Oreal suite of brands might look like on you or a model who resonates with you. Other brands, like Splat and Revlon, will be available to try on soon.”

It seems like a fairly obvious application of AR try-on tech, but hair segmentation can be difficult for systems to delineate, which can make the color transfer seem off. Google is continuously improving its tech on this front, and is now comfortable in releasing this as a commercial offering.

It’s also adding foundation try-on, so you can see how you’ll look in different types of make-up.

Google foundation try on

For both, I’d imagine that there’s some variation for light levels at the user end, which could influence how they appear. But at the least, they’ll give you some idea of what these tones and shades may look like, and whether they’ll compliment your features.

In addition to this, Google also says that it’s expanding its AR try on tools beyond the Google app, with its hair and foundation tools also now available in mobile browsers in the U.S., with AR lip and eye makeup also coming to the mobile web shortly.

Google’s also making its AR try on options available in paid promotions, via new AR beauty ads.

Google make up ads

Google also notes that Shopping ads are now eligible to feature try-on experiences in place of the ad’s product image.

It’s interesting to note the evolution of AR try on tools, especially in the context of AR glasses, which are being developed by Meta, Apple, and others. That could soon see AR tools take on more value, and as such, it’s worth considering where they could fit into your digital marketing plan, and if they can enhance your customer experience.

You can read more about Google’s latest AR shopping advances here.

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