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Google Announces Video Ad Targeting Options

Google’s announced a range of new ad updates as part of its 2024 NewFronts presentation, including expanded placement options, improved data tracking tools, and AI-based audience creation.

First off, Google has announced that it’s expanding its relationships with streaming providers, including Disney, Paramount, NBCUniversal and Warner Bros., which will provide more placement options for your campaigns.

Google first announced expanded placements on Disney+ last month, and it’s now looking to add more streaming placements into the mix.

Essentially, this will enable video advertisers to show their ads on content presented on these platforms as well, which will facilitate more reach and targeting options for your campaigns.

Building on this element, Google’s also adding Instant Deals, which will enable marketers to establish customized deals with top publishers from within the Display & Video 360 interface.

As per Google:

“This buying method is already available today for high-impact reservation YouTube placements like YouTube Select and Masthead. And soon, agencies will be able to access those same placements with non-guaranteed deals for even greater budget flexibility. Plus, instant deals are expanding beyond YouTube to major publishers like Disney.”

It’s also rolling out a new Commitment Optimizer tool that will help optimize your ad inventory mix.

Google’s also looking to build on its Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) data matching process, by building open standards for PAIR, and contributing the PAIR protocol to the IAB Tech Lab.

Finally, Google’s also looking to integrate more AI into the ad creation process, by enabling advertisers to define their audiences through conversational prompts.

Google AI audience creation

“Describe your ideal audience and audience persona instantly generates a combination of audience segments that matches your goals. This tool helps agencies easily select the right audience lists from thousands of options, while also uncovering new, high-potential audiences to improve reach and deliver better results for clients.”

Google says that the system will offer suggestions to refine your targeting, but advertisers will always have full control over their final targeting and placement.

Audience persona will be launched later this summer, starting with Google audience and demographic segments.

These are some interesting considerations, with conversational prompts for audience targeting, in particular, holding a lot of potential to help marketers focus on the right audience.

Though each will have varying levels of value for different brands.

You can read more about Google’s latest video ad updates here.

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