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A Small Business Guide to generative AI [Infographic]

While I personally think that the current wave of generative AI tools is being a little overhyped, in regards to their transformative potential, what is clear is that this new wave of AI tools can, at the least, provide highly valuable, complementary functions, that can help to streamline many people’s workday.

They’re not wholescale replacements for real staff, and you can’t, in most cases, replicate the output of experienced experts with simple AI chatbot tools. But they do make it a lot easier to cover simple, manual elements, and with the right oversight, there is great potential to use AI as an assistive device.

Which is where this listing comes in. To provide some more insight into how AI tools can help SMBs maximize their workload, the team from OnDeck has put together this overview of how you can use AI to best effect.

Some handy notes and tools tips. Check out the full infographic below.

AI for SMBs infographic

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