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A comprehensive guide to partnering with top app development companies

There are over 6.37 billion smartphone users worldwide today. They spend 88% of their time on mobile apps. Mobile apps make it easy to access a company’s services and products. Hence, the market of mobile apps is growing and expanding each day.  

With the right mobile app, companies gain endless possibilities for customer engagement. A good mobile app is sufficient to draw millions of eyes to your business and convert them into paying customers.  

Developing a solid mobile app that keeps your audiences’ interest piqued is a long process. Most companies outsource it to third parties providing mobile app development services.  

Partnering with the top app development companies can help you launch an app that gives you a competitive edge in this market. However, to choose the right mobile app development company for your needs, you must set certain parameters. This blog will talk about those points in detail.  

However, first, we should know the benefits of a mobile app for a company.  

Why are Mobile Apps a Cardinal Need for a Company? 

Mobile apps offer numerous benefits for businesses: 

  • Reduction of waiting time for user engagement.  

  • Businesses can directly connect with their customers through a mobile app. 

  • Mobile apps generate great marketing opportunities as consumers often discover new products and services through app stores.  

How do You Choose the Right Mobile App Partner for Your Company? 

Various companies in India and abroad provide mobile app development services. The number is so vast that choosing the right tech partner sometimes becomes daunting. This task can be made slightly easier if we follow a stepwise procedure: 

Step 1: Choose Established Expertise 

Expertise is the first base qualifier in finding an app development partner. You cannot afford to give your first app-building project to a new company just starting out in the market.  

Instead, companies must employ the services of a developer with experience that overlaps your requirements. Potential partners who have built an app in your industry have a natural advantage.  

Additionally, it becomes easier if you come across client reviews and case studies that emphasize an app development company’s expertise. These testimonials generally give a deeper insight than the company’s website.  

Prioritize app development companies that are not nit-picky about letting their clients in on the entire development process. Established expertise reflects the best when a tech partner can take you through the entire app development process with clarity.  

Step 2: Avoid the “Yes” Guys 

Look for app development partners who will push to give you what you and your customers need. Do not go for a mobile development app company that will give you what you are asking for without considering if the approach is right for you. These are the “yes” guys you must avoid.  

It is tempting to go with a company that says “yes” to all your demands. However, this does not add the value you are looking for in your tech partner in your app development project. If your app development company cannot bring their educated perspective into the project, you are just paying them for their technical skills. You could have extracted the same by hiring a team of IT professionals temporarily.  

However, you need a good app development partner to bring in their expertise.  

Step 3: Transparency 

Your goals, plus the technical skills and visions of your app developers, are critical to developing a successful app. Ideally, the process of app development is collaborative. Therefore, you must avoid app developers who do not shed light on the developmental process after learning about your goals.  

Efficient communication between both sides of a partnership is vital to ensure the development process stays on track. While surfing for app development companies, ask the developers how they will accomplish this transparency.  

Look out for processes that prioritize high-touch client communication. It could be as minimal as regular check-ins to keep everyone on the same page. Transparency about their plans can indicate the company’s commitment to keep you in the loop.  

Step 4: Tendency Toward Agile Development 

Agile development is a familiar concept in software development. However, it has spread to business areas like marketing and project management today. Agile development makes the process of mobile app creation more iterative.  

This concept completes the entire development process in several small, parallel sub-projects instead of a big-band delivery. In this process, regular check-ins are frequent, and so are feedback calls. This helps mitigate any issues that might arise in any part of the development process.  

Agile development drastically increases the chances of the end product meeting your core business goals and expectations.  

Step 5: Integrate Your Existing Capabilities 

Your existing IT (information technology) or development team might have already developed an app for your company. However, a few gaps in your existing app may only be filled by a developer with specific expertise.  

In another scenario, you might have some background research and knowledge a developer can use to build you an app feature. Or, you might not have an app at all and need a comprehensive app development partner to build it for you from scratch.  

Finding a mobile app development partner who can integrate existing capabilities is key. 

Step 6: Emphasize User Experience 

The best apps are simple, visually attractive, and intriguing to navigate. They are the types of apps that users cannot stop using while accomplishing their core goals and addressing their pain points. 

To develop an app like that, you need an app developer partner that codes and strives towards an excellent user experience. This will help you develop a product that can be beta-tested by an initial audience. Emphasizing user experience makes agile development more fruitful because of continuous testing and incremental improvement capability.  

The end product needs to be an app loved by you, your audiences, and your developers.  

Step 7: Setting the Right Price 

Developing a good app costs money. However, you do not want to go overboard, making your app a budgeting disaster. The key is to create an app for your audience that aligns with your company’s resources.  

In agile development, the process of app creation is flexible. For companies on a budget, you can use this flexibility by finding an app development partner who can work with your budget and still create the right app.  

For instance, if you are on a low budget, your developer can create only quick prototypes, low-res wireframes, and a tech plan that can be executed internally. The right app development partner can even create low-cost options for execution and help you with tips.  


Developing an app for your business is not a one-time service. It is a complex multi-step procedure that can require multiple revisions over time. It should be treated like a long-term business partnership, where goals are aligned to serve your audience.  

To create a successful mobile application, it is essential to collaborate with a proficient and skilled app development business. A suitable development partner becomes a priceless asset for creating and refining your app. 

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