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5 reasons CPG food and beverage brands are choosing Snapchat

In a digital world with countless options, the food and beverage industry has been recently leaning heavily on Snapchat. Why is that? Is it because of the audience, the performance, the product? What makes Snapchat unique and different from other platforms?

Let’s take a look at Snapchat’s value proposition and at the main reasons the F&B industry is doubling down on this platform:  

1. Snapchat is all about real relationships, fueling user growth.

Snapchat is all about real relationships. Connecting with family and friends is the #1 reason why Snapchatters use the app. When people connect with those who matter, they’re more open and feel like they can share more moments: the big, the small, the perfectly imperfect ones. That desire to connect to people is a big part of why Snapchat now has 750M monthly active users in the world and 110M in the US alone.

How does that translate to growth for CPG food and beverage brands? Snapchat reaches 90% of Gen Z (13-24 year-olds), and many brands have found great success in recruiting future brand loyalists. But Snapchat also spans generations: 50% of Snapchatters are older than 24(!). For CPG food and beverage brands, this diverse, massive audience is gold.

2. Snapchat is ranked as the #1 happiest platform, and that drives audience receptivity.

Snapchat is ranked as the happiest platform among its competitors. But how does this affect CPG food and beverage brands? Well, research has shown that people with a happy mindset are more receptive to advertising. In fact, Snapchatters are 45% more likely to recommend brands and 34% more likely to purchase these products advertised.

3. People come to Snapchat to talk about everything, especially food and beverages. 

Because Snapchatters are regularly messaging with their real friends and family, they talk about…well, everything, including the small everyday things that bring them joy — like beverages & snacks! If you try looking up key terms on Snapchat, “snacks” gets you more hits than Taylor Swift or Bad Bunny!  And when we know the influence friends have on each other, the opportunity to be part of the conversations and culturally relevant for CPG brands is massive. 

4. AR experiences help food and beverage brands build emotional connections. 

Engaging media is absolutely necessary for a successful campaign, regardless of platform or industry. Consumers want to be taken on a journey, visually and emotionally.

Augmented reality (AR) gives brands that opportunity by allowing them to build something beautiful that generates emotional connections and allows users to opt-in, making an active choice to engage, play and share. More than 250M people use AR on Snapchat every day, making AR a great way to build brand experiences at scale. 

5. Snapchat has several advertising options for different types of goals, driving performance.

Any social-savvy person knows, making a mark for your brand means different things to different audiences.

Choosing the right ad formats may be just as important as the ad creative itself. Snapchat offers options that can help target different audiences and sales goals across the marketing funnel. From skippable and non-skippable ads, to creator-made UGC videos, to complete app takeovers, brands can choose from a range of formats and easily re-purpose them to drive success across Snapchat. And it works, for CPG, Snap drove an ROI average of 1.78X more than the total media average.   

There you have it – Snapchat celebrates real connections and cultivates a culture of happiness. This differentiation offers significant opportunities for CPG food and beverage brands to grow, foster meaningful relationships and drive real results by leaving a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of their audience. Real Relationships. Real Influence. That’s the Snapchat magic. 


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