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How to Train ChatGPT to Write in Your Brand’s Tone of Voice [Infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your ChatGPT output? Want to train it to write in a more unique tone of voice, in order to better suit your branding? The Creative Marketer shares his ChatGPT prompt tips in this infographic. To enact these, add “Write like [INSERT CHARACTER]” at the start of your ChatGPT instructions. TCM […]

Elon Musk Reinstates Alex Jones’ Account in Latest Controversial Stance

Look, every time you write something even mildly critical of Elon Musk, whether it’s a valid criticism or not, whether it’s an observation based in logic or not, some of Elon’s many fans are going to make their presence known in the comments, accusing you of being anti-freedom of speech, anti-American, anti-intellectual, etc. So here, […]

Threads Adds Separate Link URL for Threads to Help Track Referral Traffic

This is a very handy update for social media managers and web admins. Instagram has now added a new, dedicated domain for Threads, separate from Instagram itself, which will make it easier to track referral traffic from your Threads posts. As Instagram chief Adam Mosseri notes, you’ll now be able to see the specific referral […]

Threads Looks Set to be Made Available to European Users Next Week

Good news with EU social media fans, with Threads looking set for a December 14th launch in the region, just in time to capitalize on holiday engagement. As reported by The Verge, EU Instagram users can now access a countdown timer at www.threads.net, which seemingly indicates the exact time for the upcoming EU launch. Meta […]

Threads Rolls Out Topic Tags to All Users

After testing them out in selected markets over the last few weeks, Threads topic tags are now being rolled out to all users worldwide, providing more ways for users to find relevant discussions in the app. As per Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, Threads topic tags, which are like hashtags but not, will help to guide […]

Meta Launches New Initiative To Establish AI Safety Regulations

Meta has announced a new initiative designed to establish agreed parameters around cybersecurity considerations in the development large language models (LLMs) and generative AI tools, which it’s hoping will be adopted by the broader industry, as a key step towards facilitating greater AI security. Called “Purple Llama”, based on its own Llama LLM, the project […]

WhatsApp Launches ‘View Once’ for Audio Messages

Here’s a relatively minor update from WhatsApp, though an interesting one nonetheless. Today, WhatsApp is rolling out “View Once” functionality for voice messages, in addition to text updates. Which really should be called “Listen Once” instead, but whatever. As per WhatsApp: “We introduced View Once for photos and videos back in 2021 to add another […]

New Guide Highlights Key Considerations for Effective TikTok Ads

Looking to make TikTok a bigger focus of your marketing effort in 2024? This will help. TikTok recently partnered with creator intelligence platform CreatorIQ to conduct an analysis of the key factors that make for a resonant TikTok promotion, culminating in a 26-page report which covers a range of key notes and tips for your […]

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